Martin/Martin Wyoming’s engineering teams are organized to address the full project life cycle – from conceptualization and new design through construction, maintenance, renovation, restoration, and deconstruction. Lessons learned at each step of the life cycle are integrated into a robust knowledge base and in-house education program. While maintaining expertise in traditional services, we also seek opportunities beyond the boundaries of conventional design.

Structural Engineering

Martin/Martin’s reputation for creativity, reliability, and technical excellence has been built through decades of unique design and custom structures of diverse types and sizes.

Blast Resistant Design

Many facilities require enhanced evaluation and design addressing blast resistance and extreme loading effects. We provide practical, economical solutions, integrated with building architecture, based on a sophisticated understanding of dynamic behavior.


Martin/Martin’s structural engineering practice was built on the design of new buildings. We provide customized solutions for the range of building types and sizes while focusing on challenging and unique projects.

Fall Protection & Rigging

Reliable fall protection and façade access systems provide safe access to roof areas and building façades for inspection, maintenance, and repair. We evaluate existing systems, design new systems, perform field load testing, certify compliant systems, and implement annual inspection and periodic testing programs throughout the country.

Long-Span Structures

Long-span structures are essential to facilities such as stadiums, convention centers, performing arts centers, airport terminals, and aircraft hangers, where unobstructed space is critical. Successful design of these elements requires a unique combination of expertise – shape optimization, economical connections, erection strategies, architectural sensitivity, and an intuitive sense of structural behavior.


Properly executed, Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) results in streamlined project management, reduced costs, and faster schedules. As a design-build/IPD team member, we have consistently demonstrated value through effective communication, proactive approach, creative solutions, extensive design and construction knowledge, integrated construction services, and advanced three-dimensional modeling to facilitate direct fabrication of structural components.

Investigative Engineering

Our investigative engineers lead evaluation, testing, and repair of buildings and site infrastructure, informed by decades of civil and structural engineering experience.

Construction Services

During design-build/IPD projects, we partner with contractors to offer integrated surveying, civil engineering, structural engineering, and detailing services. During the construction phase, we assist with on-site engineering and design specialty systems. Our specialty system enhanced fabrication drawings maintain continuity with design models, eliminating conventional shop drawing process fragmentation. This results in faster delivery, cost savings, better quality, and fewer RFIs.

Civil Engineering

We offer a diverse set of civil engineering services covering the full life cycle of a site – from initial surveying, regional master planning and jurisdictional entitlements through infrastructure design, construction administration and redevelopment.

Drainage Design

Proper drainage design leads to infrastructure that functions effectively during major storm events and is critical to sustainable management of valuable water resources. We provide drainage design services for projects throughout the region, including major drainage and flood control design, FEMA coordination and map revisions, low impact designs, sustainable water quality and regional drainage, storm sewer system evaluation, and floodplain analysis.


Subdivisions, Zoning, Planning and Engineering, are all key components of the Entitlement process, and all differ based on the type of project and jurisdiction in which it will be located. Entitlements take time and time costs money. Our engineers are well versed in local entitlement processes and can help your team navigate through your project’s bureaucratic requirements.

Master Planning

Master plans must accommodate near term needs, yet be adaptable to take advantage of future unanticipated opportunities. Services include due diligence, drainage studies, utility main capacity studies, utility routing evaluations, phasing, water tank design, overall site grading evaluations, pedestrian access, roadway planning, traffic studies, and cost estimating.

Site Engineering

Site engineering services include design of sanitary sewer systems, water supply systems, storm water management systems, site topography, and roadways, each fully integrated with adjacent community systems.


Efficient, reliable, and safe transportation is vital to the economic health of our communities. We provide design of roadway, pedestrian, and parking projects throughout the region.

Water & Wastewater

We design systems that store, convey, and treat water locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally, while understanding the inherent value of clean water and the need to proactively manage this valuable resource. Incorporating conventional and cutting-edge technologies, our projects range from small to large scale systems – lift stations, conventional water and wastewater treatment plants, special facilities for contaminated water, storage tanks, distribution networks, and pumping facilities.